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Responsive (Mobile) Web Design

Image of a Desktop Computer Screen - Tablet Computer Screen - Cellphone Screen-showing Mobile website

What is Mobile Web Design?

Image of a Desktop Computer Screen - Tablet Computer Screen - Cellphone Screen-showing Mobile website

Another name for it is "responsive web design" (RWD). A RWD website is designed to change its layout, move elements around, even remove or replace some elements if needed, all to properly align, show well and read well on mobile screens (tablets & cell phones) without the need to "pinch-zoom" content.

A well built website, whether for personal or business, must be mobile ready for people's browsing appetites.

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Why is a Mobile Ready Website Important?

Business Men Planning Mobile Website

Businesses today require a website, especially one that is mobile ready and available to potential consumers who browse the Internet using their mobile devices.

Cheaper Than Newspaper Ads

Over a year period, a website can save you advertising costs, because a website is showing your business 24/7. Make your website known to your local community, provide a website that is mobile ready and you have an advertising solution that works for you 24/7. Used right, this exceeds the potential exposure from any newspaper or radio Ad.

Don't Miss Out on Mobile Browsing Habits

Internet access from mobile devices has increased and is still increasing. There is no argument that the Internet is a growing impact on business. According to Canada Statistics — "Most Internet shoppers (82%) placed an order to a company in Canada, 63% ordered from the United States and 21% from a company in another country"

. It is a great loss of potential revenue if your new or current website is not mobile ready.

Internet users who accessed the Internet in 2012 via a wireless mobile devices (cell phone or tablet) rose to 58%, up from 33% in 2010. Can your business afford to ignore this? read more...

In 2015, Future Shop of Canada stores (owned by Best Buy), closed its stores across Canada, and consolidate other stores into the Best Buy name. In conjunction with this shift, Best Buy announced it will increase development and investment toward online sales.

We will also be continuing the transformation of our e-commerce technology platform and accelerating the transformation of our mobile customer experience which we will support through our new technology development center in more...

This speaks volumes about the importance of mobile capable websites for business.

Your website does not have to sell products online to reap the benefits of a business mobile website!

Mobile Web Design Solutions

Desktop Screen to Mobile Cell Phone - Mobile Website Design Solutions

There are 3 ways for a website to become mobile ready,

  1. Responsive Web Design
    Uses the same CSS, Script and HTML code on the same URL (domain name address) regardless of the users’ device and renders the website according to the device's screen size.
  2. Dynamic Serving
    Uses the same URL, but generates a different version of the website, based on different device types and user’s browser. This means around 2-3 websites built.
  3. Separate URL's
    Based on the users mobile devices, the mobile browser gets redirected from the main URL address to a different location that contains the appropriate coding to display a mobile version of the website. This means there could be several different versions of the website built (definitely more than 3).

Which is the least expensive solution? — the first one "Responsive Web Design". Least expensive to you and gains the best results from Google.

View Google best recommendation on "mobile web design" solution here.

See this Responsive Web Design solution of this website using your Mobile Device, Scan the bar-code to the right under the logo

It is crucial, in todays eCommerce economy, for a web designer to know how to build websites by hand, because the web designer will know how core files work. By the extensive experience gained by hand-coding, a good web designer can ensure your website is properly coded and ready for mobile devices.

To show my knowledge and skills as a web designer for mobile devices, this Form Web Design website is not a CMS website (WordPress or Joomla).

Other Web Design companies chose to have a CMS website for their own business site. This means someone else built their website and made it mobile, they did not design it or build it, they simply assembled it. Take a look, most of the other web design websites use WordPress.

I chose to not do what other Web Design companies do. Instead I built this Form Web Design business website myself, hand-coded from scratch, to display my website building skills, knowledge, and qualifications. The very things that portrays a quality web designer.

This, to give an example to you, that you can depend on Form Web Design to make your website mobile ready!

Form Web Design — builds it right, Always!
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How soon do you need to have a mobile ready website?

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Example Bad Mobile Website in Mobile Cell Phone Screen
Website Displays Badly In Mobile Screens

Bad Mobile

Example Bad Mobile Website in Mobile Cell Phone Screen
Website Displays Badly In Mobile Screens

It is important to show the adverse affect of poor mobile web design, the negative impact if the website renders poorly or cannot render properly at all on a mobile device browser screen. It will give you an idea of what your website may look like if the mobile version is poorly done.

I have seen too many mobile websites poorly designed in layout, content and overall structure from people proclaiming web design services.

It was pretty disappointing to see a website with a good desktop layout only to find all that greatness was lost in a poor mobile website display.

A poor mobile website has,

  • Content does not align well in mobile device screens,
  • Images / Text / Elements overlapping each other, making it hard to read,
  • Way too much text together, creating a huge long paragraph, making it hard to read in a mobile screen,
  • Too many esthetic elements overwhelming the content, again hard to read in mobile screens,
  • Text color poorly chosen and conflicts with background, making it hard to read in mobile screens, let alone desktop screens,
  • Content cut off - not mobile ready,
  • ...and more

Bad Mobile Website Examples

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One would think that people who build websites would include a mobile ready web site to ensure their clients business is properly promoted online.

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Form Web Design Cares!

We care how we build a website and care about the mobile experience for your website. A mobile experience should encourage the visitor to stay, not leave the moment they arrive.

Form Web Design is committed to,

  1. Quality in web design,
  2. Planning with skill toward content and layout,
  3. Committed to a professional design,
  4. Always building quality,
  5. Ensuring content is easy to follow and read in desktop and mobile screens.
Man's hand holding mobile device - Google Logo and Word Reject as a Stamp

Web Designers Work is Penalized

Man's hand holding mobile device - Google Logo and Word Reject as a Stamp

A web designer has to keep up with Google's changes. In 2013, Google announced their plan to demote non-mobile websites from their search results when a person searches using their mobile device — read more...

If your website is not mobile ready, it will be demoted in the search result rankings when a person conducts a search for a web site, like yours, using their mobile device. Demotion means to be pushed further down the page list, so page one ranking can now become page 3 or 4 or lower.

Search Ranking competition is tough enough, but add the demotion, if your website is not mobile ready, is a sure fire way to destroy your potential mobile customer base. Most people don't go past page 1, on the outside, half of page 2 of Google search results.

...and yes Google can tell the difference which device and browser you use.

For businesses, this is a big loss of potential customers, especially when we take the above statistics from Stats Canada on eCommerce and mobile use.

Form Web Design knows what Google wants to get ranked listings. Other web design companies need to know as well.


Ready to get your website mobile ready?

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