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Content Management Systems (CMS)


What is CMS?

Male at his desk frustrated at his computer

CMS is an acronym for "Content Management Systems". Blogs you see on the Internet are either "WordPress", "Joomla" or "Drupal", to name a few.

A CMS system allows its user to add, change or modify content at any time, using tools like a word processor that is built into the CMS system. Each CMS system works with CMS themes. A theme is separate from the CMS system and integrates with the CMS system to give the layout and function of content.

A CMS framework as WordPress will show nothing unless there is a theme installed and content added. A theme would show nothing as it needs the CMS framework to work.

Major Businesses Use CMS

CMS used to be just for blogs. Today that has change dramatically. Major business websites use CMS as their core framework for their websites.

Look Who Uses CMS WordPress

Male at his desk frustrated at his computer

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Old Website beside Newer Version - Comparsion

Old Website Conversions to CMS

Old Website beside Newer Version - Comparsion

Do you have an old website years old? The layout is cramped, not much to the site, dull looking, offers very little to visitors, not mobile ready?

Do you have limited access to the website, hard to change content or cannot figure out how it works?

Then it is time to upgrade to a CMS Website!

Old websites are outdated and certainly look like an eyesore compared to todays more fluid and attractive styles. With a website conversion to CMS is what you will need. A CMS website will give you access to change, modify, update or add content when you want.

There are two main CMS brands that are well supported and the most popular are, WordPressand Joomla. The former being the easiest for people to learn to use, but both provide a stable and attractive website.


Old Website Conversion to CMS is Easy for Form Web Design!

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Migrating a CMS Site

Migrating A Website Display Image

Already have a WordPress or Joomla website, but need to move it to another folder in your hosting account or move it to a completely different website host?

This is called "migration", it is quite involved. Migration will not work with just copying folders and files to somewhere else like you can on Windows. To migrate a CMS website also means,

  • Moving a database,
  • Alter coding information in the CMS PHP files,
  • Alter links within the content of the pages,
  • Ensure images that are migrated are still registered with the CMS framework,
  • ...and more.

In some cases, it may be cheaper to just create a new CMS website and migrate only the content and images.

Migrating A Website Display Image

Need to Move Your WordPress or Joomla Website?

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Upgrading - Repairing - Restyling a CMS Site

Restyling Websites Old to New Look Example

Have an old CMS website that needs upgrading and don't know what to do? Need a CMS website repaired? Do you want your current CMS website restyled?

Upgrading— is the first most important step to consider. As much as you may still like your CMS theme, the Theme and CMS framework must be kept up to date in order to stop potential loss, or damage to your website from online attacks. If the CMS theme is old and no longer receives updates, then it needs to be changed to be secure, upgrading is an important consideration for the security of your website.

Repairing - a CMS theme can break down, which happens. Sometimes a feature of a CMS theme breaks because of an update or someone accessing the website did something that caused the break, that happens too. Repairing can bring it back to original functionality.

Restyling— If upgrading is not required, then your website can benefit from a restyle. Whether the CMS theme is a premium theme or free one, WordPress or Joomla, most CMS themes can be restyled.

Restyling Example

Look at the "Before / After" examples below. The "Before" image is a screen-shot image of the WordPress template at the time of purchase. The next image is the "After" screen-shot image of the same WordPress template customized for the client. Some of the added images for the website were created by Form Web Design.



Client's CMS Theme Before Customization
Client's CMS Before Customization
Client's CMS Theme After Customization
Client's CMS After Customization

Form Web Design can customize your CMS theme, whether it is a free theme or purchased theme, WordPress, or Joomla.


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