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Home Building Centre Website

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The Home Building Centre business in Vernon BC Canada, is a franchise of the national Home Hardware Store (see

The local Home Building Centre website was old and outdated. It needed a complete rebuild. Work is currently underway. It is a large project that entails thousands of products and many services, some specialized to this local Vernon Store.

This rebuild of this website is to provide local customers with access to the stores services, product lines and contact information specific to their services.

Currently, public access is restricted to just a "Coming Soon" page while construction of the site continues. Below you can see a preview of what the site currently looks like. Of course, changes will occur and parts of the layout may change by the time the site is finalized and open to the public.

If you wish to contact Form Web Design about your business website, I do provide free quotes.

Click the following thumbnails to see the difference:

Original Design of Home Building Centre Vernon BC Website
Before Form Web Design
Preview of Home Building Centre Vernon BC Website Under Construction
Under Construction By Form Web Design
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Lon Fraser - Massage Therapist

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Vernon Massage

A custom built - hand coded website

I updated this website July 2016 from an earlier design I built before the current wide screen flat designs became popular. This website is now a flat design and mobile ready.

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City Dance - Vernon

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City Dance

This website was using an old Joomla 1.5 CMS site (see "Before Form Web Design"). A face-lift was the first request, modifying the theme of the website to be more workable and pleasant (see "Old Site Refaced").

Since, the website was upgraded to a WordPress CMS site (see "New CMS Design"). Currently I maintain and insert content as requested, which includes creating images specifically for the content.

Click the following thumbnails to see the progression

Oldest - First Layout of CityDance Website Image
Before Form Web Design
Face Lift of the Old Website Image
Old Site Refaced
Brand New Website - New Look Image
New CMS Design
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OBC Automotive LTD

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Update (2016-08), OBC Auto advises that 50% of their new customers have found and chose their auto repair shop because of the OBC Website!

OBC had an old style Website, Form Web Design converted it into new WordPress CMS Website

Their older PHP designed website gave the owner no access to the website content. Form Web Design converted it into a WordPress CMS Business website which now allows the owner access to all content and can make changes any time without the need for a web designer.

Monthly Combo Package

Currently Form Web Design maintains this website under the combo monthly security/maintenance package.

Here are images of the Older and Newer OBC website, see the difference:

Oldest Layout of OBC Website Image
Before Form Web Design
Newest WordPress Site for OBC Automotive Image
New CMS Design
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Apower & Canfiber

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These CMS websites were on an old Windows server and suffered functional problems due to PHP incompatibility with WordPress.

Migration to an newer Linux server was required to remove the conflict.

Form Web Design now monitors the website under a maintenance package which includes any content updates.

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Pattis Panties & Jewellery

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Pattis Website

A new eCommerce website selling products with hidden jewellery.

This is also a WordPress site, allowing the owner to change content and manage her online orders and credit card purchase gateway.