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Website Services

Website Repair and Website Maintenance Services

The Internet and websites are changing every year. New coding methods, new integrations and functions for websites and browsers. What was current yesterday is outdated today, and newer updated versions are necessary to install.

It has become a necessity to ensure that a website is kept up to date, else the risk increases for it to fail or get hacked, especially with CMS websites as WordPress and Joomla.

Form Web Design provides website repair and website maintenance services for your website, including CMS websites, whether or not it was built by Form Web Design.

Form Web Design can:

  • Keep core coding up to date, includes jQuery, JavaScript or PHP.
  • Repair, fix, modify website source codes.
  • Keep the core CMS current and functioning perfectly.
  • Keep your CMS theme up to date, or HTML design functioning properly.
  • Keep your CMS plugins up to date and when required, replace them.
  • Make repairs or adjustments as required.
  • Maintain backups of your website (this is especially important!).
  • Address outdated scripts and functions, to update them or change them.
  • Fix what someone else broke (happens more often than you think).

Monthly Maintenance Package

Form Web Design can either provide maintenance services on a "as need" basis, which is more expensive, or you can take advantage of the monthly maintenance package and sit back and relax, as it is taken care of for you.

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Word Security Over Anonymous Mask

Website Security

Website security has never been more important than today. With news of major companies being hacked and sensitive data stolen, shows these anonymous hackers can cause a lot of damage.

What of websites that are not high profile, shouldn't these websites be safe?

On the contrary. High profile losses are but a small part of website threats. The majority of threats come from any one of thousands of malicious people who want to use your website to launch computer viruses or trojan programs, which are used to steal personal data or lock out computers for ransoms and they target even the most mundane and neutral websites to do this. This means anyone's website becomes a target.

Standard HTML static websites are very hard to infiltrate, but can be hacked. CMS websites are the favourite target by anonymous hackers.

Form Web Design can provide you the necessary security for your site and provide monthly monitoring to ensure your site remains secure.

Monthly Security Package

Form Web Design can secure your website on an "as need" basis, which is more expensive, or you can take advantage of the monthly security-maintenance package and sit back and relax, as it is taken care of for you.