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Qualifications of your web designer
British Columbia Institute of Technology

Full Certificate – Web Design Technologies

Finished with high grades (A+). This involves web page/site design and management, qualified in design applications using HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript & PHP, Mobile web design, CMS (Content Management Systems as WordPress, Joomla), Photoshop, Google Analytics, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), jQuery and jQuery Mobile.

Vancouver Community College

Provincial Instructors Diploma

Certified as a course instructor which includes class organization, course curriculum and professional design and presentation.

This training is transferable to web design because it involves creating layouts for presentation, like magazine Ads. Many experienced web designers suggest to study magazine Ads to learn how, by example to create a professional layout of images, text and other content.



Definition of Professional – trained, skilled, qualified and experienced



Can any web designer honestly claim to be a professional & qualified in these standards?

This is important to know, because creating building, altering, modifying and even fixing a website
requires qualification in these standards, else what are you paying for in the end?



HTML5 – CSS3 – PHP7 – Javascript6 – jQuery

These are the current core standards for web site construction and development.

Website developers have to possess these base standards to do their work.

WordPress or Joomla would not exist without these core elements because it is what they are built on.

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