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Mobile Website on Multiple Devices

What is Mobile Design?

Mobile design is the structuring and layout of a website to be responsive to the screen size of a mobile device. To make the webiste mobile accessible means it easily accessed, easily viewed and navigated in mobile devices like tablets and smart-phones. Mobile website design is now the standard for all website design and development, per Google’s Mobile Standards.

Mobile Design or responsive web design has become one of the most important and crucial types of web design for any type of website online. For a website to be successful today, it has to be responsive which makes it viewable in mobile screens. The website visitor has to have easy access, able to easily read any website page, able to interact with any part of a website especially if the website sells products or services online.

A website that is not mobile friendly, will greatly suffer in todays Internet viewer market since over 65% of the population access the Interent using their mobile devices.


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