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New WordPress Website

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Old Outdated Joomla Website


Old Joomla Website replaced

Naito Environmental had a very old Joomla CMS website (version 1.5). It was outdated and at high risk of being hacked. The client wanted his website updated and wanted an easier website to access to make content changes himself.

The old Joomla Site could not be fixed, it was unsupported by Joomla, sorely outdated and too risky to modify. In place of the old Joomla CMS website, Form Web Design built a new WordPress site offline, allowing his current Joomla website to remain active. Once the new website was completed, the old Joomla website was first completely removed, to ensure the website account was clean of any unwanted intrusions, and the new WordPress site was inserted in its place.

The new WordPress website is mobile accessible.

Summary of Our Work:

  • Client wanted a similar design / layout that matched the old Joomla website
  • New WordPress framework used
  • WordPress theme inserted and customized
  • All header images custom made by Form Web Design
  • Clients logo updated by Form Web Design
  • Image of client for about page created by Form Web Design
  • WordPress customized using CSS, HTML, PHP and JavaScript.
  • Original content images obtained from the client and modified by Form Web Design.
  • Content includes a PDF document
  • Website is 100% mobile.

The website continues to function well and the website owner is happy for that.

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