New Domain Names List Harvested For Spam Emails

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New Domain Names Harvested Daily!

The spamming never ends.

Recently for a client, I registered a new domain name to build their website. Within 2 days from registering the domain name, I get spam emails from some slimy Internet service that claims to offer package deals to register the new domain name to the major search engines.

Being a website designer with SEO training and experience, I know the truth about search engine registration. It is not required and listing your site is for FREE. All that is required is your time to do the work to create a website that is SEO primed.

This Spam email was automated as the person or persons who sent it likely sends thousands of automated SPAM emails and really do not care who I am and what I know.

You can read more about it here at  ( )

So the spam never ends does it?

How did the spammers get to know the new domain name so quickly, especially when the domain name was quite unique?

The answer is, spammers, on a daily basis, harvest a database that carries the listing of newly registered domains and this database is open to the public. You just need to know how to find it and guaranteed these spammers know.

Why is this so easy?

We are required to register domain names with WHOIS. This information is public, so anyone can access online tools to search WHOIS. One of these online tools will harvest new domain names daily. It does not matter how many get registered daily, its huge, but access to that data is easy.

To see an example, go to this link:

At that link, down the page, you see “Newly Registered Domains List”, and it lists the ones from the previous days, which you can download and browse the text file. Quite easy.

I downloaded one of the ZIP files, browsed the long text list and voila, the new domain I registered was listed. This is how spammers get the daily list of newly registered domain names all for free. Then with software programs, uses the list and sends out spam emails.

What I do with this knowledge?

I went back to the website hosting company I used for the client and asked them if they sold the information to others. They said they did not, then I showed them the link to the ZIP files. I believe they did not sell the information because why would spammers buy the information when it can be had for free, like I found it.

Why am I telling you all this? Well, not everyone gets webdesign companies to register domains for them, they do it themselves. To know this information is important for web designers and for you, the client.

How to Stop Spammers Sending You Emails

One very simple answer,  — purchase a privacy service.

If you register your new domain name, make sure you buy privacy for the domain name to block spam emails. It is reasonably cheap for a year and its worth it to avert these spam emails.

Make sure that the registrar you use, be it a dedicated registrar service or through a web host service, are reputable and established companies. This is one thing I will be doing with each domain name I register.

For you, it relates to one or two domain names you register, but for me its many.