OBC Automotive Website Rebuilt

OBC Website Screenshot 2018

Rebuilt OBC (WordPress) Website

OBC Old Website View

Old OBC (php style) website


OBC Auto had an old PHP-JavaScript website that offered no access to the backend to edit content. This old PHP design forced the website owner to require the services of the website developer to just change content. This was the way in the early days of website design and developement, before WordPress became the standard for business websites.

In addition, the old PHP style website was not reponsive (mobile accessible) and this was not good for a local business in today’s Internet. Form Web Design re-designed the entire website. Using WordPress framework for their business website, the web design and website layout afforded a much better business website to promote their local auto repair business.

Summary of Our Work:

  • Logo & header area was a custom modification by Form Web Design
  • Main frameworks is WordPress
  • WordPress theme is a premium theme chosen by the client
  • Custom design to modify the WordPress theme (CSS and JavaScript work was done).
  • Images provided by the client
  • Image editing done by Form Web Design
  • Website favicon created by Form Web Design
  • Content for updates provided by client, Form Web Design updated content as requested.


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