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New Professional Website for Penal Press

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Old Penal Press website

Penal is a website that presents prison history in the form of newsletters written by prisoners themselves.

Previously, in 2020, Penal Press was attacked by hackers who gained access to the website because it was using an old WordPress theme. This website has a large database of prison newletters spanning years of work from the 1950’s to the present. The website author did not want to loose all this work to hackers.

In 2020, Penal Press author contacted Form Web Design to recover the website from hackers and we succeeded. In addition, we found the company hosting the old website was unreliable, poorly managed and insecure, leading to the hacking event. For the interim, we added some extra protection to the old website.

In 2021, the Penal Press author contacted Form Web Design wanting a new secure website. The old WordPress theme Penal Press was using had custom functions not found in any new WordPress theme. To build a new WordPress theme required us to transfer all its customization to a new website and that was a manual process requiring custom PHP coding because of the way the historic content was being presented.

Form Web Design completed the task providing Penal Press uses a new secure WordPress theme with its customized functions.


Summary of Our Work:

  • Recovered the old website from hackers,
  • Added extra security,
  • Penal Press was migrated to a new reliable and secure hosting account with SiteGround, the old hosting service was unreliable,
  • On the new hosting server, the old Penal Press website remained active and open to the public,
  • A staging site was created to build the new website, allowing the old website to remain active and undisturbed,
  • The new WordPress website and new secure theme was installed and setup,
  • Custom PHP functions installed and tested,
  • The new content layout built to handle the large database of Penal Press,
  • New icons created, new images installed, the new content layout completed.
  • The new website was tested and adjustments made before finalization,
  • From staging site, the new WordPress setup and theme was transferred into the main Penal Press site,
  • The website now displays its historic content with a new theme, layout, customized functions, security and new Penal Press presence.


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