What is SEO?

Acronym “SEO” means “Search Engine Optimization”.

Form Web Design on Google First Page

What does it do?

It is to work your website in such a way to get it to show on the first page of Google search results.

The SEO work involves the following,

  • determining the right keywords/phrases your website needs to contain
  • competitor comparison (how your competition looks on Google first page results)
  • hooking you to your own social media
  • content optimization (developing your content), which applies to both local and organic SEO,
  • …and more.

Google sets the SEO standard, which their search engine algorithms apply to all websites. Google is the leading standard for SEO, and will be for a very long time.

SEO Work with Form Web Design

a quick overview

Google Keywords SEO Icon

Keywords and key phrases that promote your website to appear on Google Search results

Competitor Comparison SEO Icon

Competing successfully against your competitors for Google first page results

Social Media SEO Icon

Develop/Creating your social media to promote your website for Google first page results.

Content Optimization SEO Icon

Optimization of your content, including any images, to create valued content and Google first page results.

Google Analytics SEO Icon

Website performance on Google Search results + visitor behaviour on your website.

Local SEO Icon

Website is optimized tor appear in Google’s first page results for your local area(town/city).

Does SEO Require Monthly Monitoring?

“Does SEO require a continuous monthly monitoring?”  —  short answer is No.

Paying Monthly for Website SEO?

This is not Marketing SEO, this is strictly for website SEO. When  someone claims they provide monthly SEO services, for a monthly fee,  means they are taking advantage of you. Once the SEO work is done, there is a waiting period where the SEO technician has to wait for results (see Website SEO & Marketing SEO formation). If the results require tweaking, that is done. There is no need for any monthly fees for this.

At Form Web Design, we do not take advantage. When we provide SEO work, it is a package price.

What is the difference with Form Web Design work SEO?

  • No monthly fees
  • We do the Website SEO
  • Modify the website content per the SEO Work
  • Wait for the results in Google
  • After the results, if needed, tweak some more and its done.
  • No monthly fees / one time fee.
  • Purchase SEO work again, later, if you need it.

Reference: DueNorth.co | HugeImpact.com

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Need to Know More?

Basically, in simple terms,  there are two kinds of SEO, Website SEO and Marketing SEO.

Website SEO -

Website SEO – targets optimization on website content only, to promote search engine result rankings against any competition that may exist.

Website SEO takes a bit of work to develop good competing content that ranks well in Google searches, but once that work is done, there is a waiting period which can be several weeks to 6 months (on average) to see the results in Google.

There is No Need to have ongoing Website SEO. Have it done when it needs it.

Marketing SEO

Marketing SEO – is a campaign of promotions across several platforms, one which is the website, the other are social networks and other AD campaigns and online advertising methods. This type of SEO is ongoing during the campaign. It requires weekly or monthly monitoring, adjustments and modifications to the campaign SEO strategies.

Is SEO Needed Every Month?

For the average business website, to compete for local search results, the answer is NO. Once the SEO work is done, only have it redone when it needs it.

If the business website is competing against other high ranking businesses of the same type, then you may need SEO adjustments more frequently, depending on how your business website fairs in Google results, but it is still on a “as need basis”, not requiring ongoing monthly fees.

The monthly SEO monitoring and adjustments or changes occur more in Marketing SEO than Website SEO.

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