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SugarLake Recreational Properties Old Weebly Website Layout

Old Weebly Sugar Lake Resort Website

Sugar Lake Resort, a resort real-estate property group needed a marketing website to sell their real-estate properties at a Sugar Lake resort area, near Cherryville BC. They initially purchased an account at Weebly to create their own DIY website, but soon realized it was not working as they they thought.

The resort group contacted Form Web Design to redesign their Weebly website, likely because Form Web Design is the only web development company that was able to help them.

Form Web Design redesigned their entire Weebly website so they can market their resort properties. Also, for the best marketing design, we encouraged them to rethink their domain name, since “sugar lake recreational properties” was far to long for a good SEO domain name.

Summary of our work:

2022-03-28: As a result of our work on the website, the re-organization and re-design of the content and website led to many successful lot sales for their business, because the work we did properly informed and promoted their site lots to the public.
  • Change their domain name from “” to “”,
  • Complete Re-Organized & Re-Designed content layout in Weebly, using the same theme they already had,
  • Incorporated more information for a better informative marketing website,
  • Obtained quality images of the Sugar Lake area to present a “Sugar Lake Life” style,
  • Inserted their new logo,
  • Redesigned their Weebly website with a better a theme color arrangement,
  • Ensured their Weebly website displayed properly in mobile devices,
  • Using icons from Noun Project, we created new icons for their Weebly website,
  • Ensured the website provided sufficient information to potential resort lot buyers,
  • Inserted the required Pixel set for their marketing campaign,
  • 1 month warranty coverage applied.

Occasional Work Performed

The website owner was very happy with the change to his Weebly business website that he still contacts Form Web Design to perform occasional website updates and changes.


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