Vernon Cruise-in WIX Website

Vernon Cruise-in Wix Website Redesigned by Form Web Design

Vernon CruiseIn Wix website completely redesigned


Vernon Cruise-In Old WIX Website

Old Wix DIY website (image above is full length)


SunValley Cruise-in society had built a website using Wix. Even though Wix hails itself as a Do-It-Yourself drag & drop website builder, SunValley Cruise-in Society soon realized it is not as easy as it was advertised. They were not able to spend the time to learn how to design websites, so they researched web designers in the Okanagan and subsequently contacted Form Web Design.

Why us?

Likely because we are the only web design & development company in the Okanagan that can help them, and we certainly did, especially with their request to change the domain name from SunValley to Vernon

Form Web Design reorganized their Wix website content, changed the layout completely as you can see the example of the before image (Old Wix DIY website) and after redesign (Wix website completely redesigned). All the website owners need do is follow the layout as made by Form Web Design.

Summary of Our Work:

  • Created a unique logo for their website (see the redesigned website screenshot).
  • Changed the entire layout & design of the website in Wix.
  • Established a 1960’s color theme for their content and website purpose.
  • Created a proper home page.
  • Reorganized all content.
  • Reorganized all images.
  • Worked content for better readability and SEO value.
  • Edited images for better display and use
  • Located professional images (with license) for use on the site.
  • Setup a better main menu and page organization.
  • Ensured the mobile display was correct and all elements were laid out properly
  • Ensure all text size was readable in desktop and mobile views
  • Change their domain name to “Vernon
  • Contacted Wix support to fix account function issues created by their system.
  • Changed their G-Suite connection to the new domain name.

The website owners continue to enjoy their redesigned Wix website, thanks to Form Web Design!

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