Migrating Your Website


Migration Costs

To move your website is based on the following,

1-5 Pages


6-11 Pages


12-17 Pages


Move Your Website To Better Hosting

Not every hosting service works well for each person. Form Web Design can move (migrate) your website with all its content and current layout to a new location.

Solutions for Expensive Mult-Media Services

Places like Infotel or Yellowpages.ca are very expensive. Your website is movable to a new hosting service, its time to save yourself a lot of money!

Need More Information?

Need to find out how website migration takes place, please read on …

When to Migrate / Summary

Moving a CMS website like WordPress or Joomla, is not as simple as copying files and folders over to another location like you would on Windows.
Migration is an involved process. Below will give you an idea of what’s involved in a website migration.

Backup Website

Backup Database

Backup Page Templates

Setup New Hosting

Change DNS Settings

Install Website

Upload Database

Connect Website

A web designer has to know a lot about websites and how they function to make a successful migration,
which involves knowledge and skills in coding and database structure.

Migrate or a New Website? – your cost-effective options

Needing to decide between rebuilding your website versus migrating your current website?

Here are some options you can consider;

Important FactMigrateNew Site
Outdated Joomla website (ie: Joomla 1.5 or 2.5)NoYes
Older WordPress websiteYesYes
Reasonably new CMS Site with some contentYesYes
Reasonably new CMS site with a lot of contentYesMaybe
No Access to the database of the WebsiteNoYes
No Access to your WordPress AdminNoYes
DIY websites like Wix & WeeblyNoYes
*All CMS websites require a database to work. With no copy of the CMS database or access to back it up, especially with no access to your WordPress/Joomla Admin area,
migration for a CMS website cannot be done. | DIY websites cannot be moved or copied, but content can be copied manually.

Website Migration Illustration